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Welcome to Sock-a-Cock The Perfect Gag Gift For Any Occasions:
* A Very Happy Holiday, Gag Gift
* Passion Parties
* Happy Vasectomy Day
* Break-up With Your Boyfriend Day
* Bachlelorette/Bachelor party favors
* What to get the guy who has EVERYTHING
* The possibilities are endless folks.

FEATURED PRODUCT - Our New Barfly Collection - "A Women's Modern Day Solution to SKEEZER Repelent!" .

Barfly Purse Collection Barfly Collection
Shhh (placing finger over your lips) don't say a word, you now have been "introduced" to a sure fire way to say no to any man without saying a word even to the Vinnie Barbarino's and Juan Epstein's of the clubs. This NEW SockaCock product will stop em dead in mid conversation with their warm beer in one hand and their limp cocks in the other. Whether it be of emabarrasement or pure laughter either way its quiet, it's to the point and affordable! Be sure to check out our new upcoming pocket sized products that NO women should leave home without along side her pepper spray of course! The "Barfly Collection" get it TODAY!

Where it all started the ORIGINAL Sock-A-Cock
This is where it all started from, the original Sock-a-Cock, THE Perfect Match.
Enable your Man with a gift that keeps on giving - Sock-A-Cock
Whether it's sending one of our arrangements to the special guy who has everything, or just a simple "Think about me while I'm away". It will let your significant other know to STAY AWAY from the hand towels! Make every "occasion" count, one million at a time.
You've Just been Dumped - A Sock-A-Cock product
You've Just Been Dumped
Ladies or possibly Gentlemen, you ask yourself, how do I let my not so attractive boyfriend or wannabe man know that he is just not giving me the attention I really deserve?...
Sock-A-Cock Leaves No Holiday Unturned
The Holiday Collection
Play a little "Hide & Seek" for your next Easter, Trick Or A Treat smell my feet give me something this "soft to...this Halloween, "Jingle" the night away, play dredel and "spin your top" till your heart's content, or "blow your horn" to the New Year. The possibilities are endless!

Limited Editions? Yes that means NOT everybody will have one. Now imagine being the only guy on YOUR block to be sockacocking with one of these gems knowing that the guy next door won't be using the same cookie cutter model. That's just puuure satisifaction. Live in the moment!
For those Special Occassions Sock-A-Cock
So you don't know what to get for your groomsmen? Let us help SPREAD joy and laughter into your SPECIAL rehearsal dinner night or Bachelor party parting gifts. Yeah I know, food and thinking about your friends rubbing one out is not really how you want your night to go. But what the hell, it's probably the last time your going to see them anyhow!
Television Collection
The Televsion Collection
Tune your man or teenage boy in with a Television show that you think best suits him!
Yeah we know Refurbished Sock-A-Cock's, down right nasty
Not quite ready to commit to buying a shiny new SAC? Our refurbished collection might be just what the Doctor ordered (Along with some penicillin and ointment)!
Other Sock-A-Cock, tshirts, mugs, stickers, etc.
This would be other stuff that even we at SAC can't categorize. Wear it proud!